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Karasz -- hello darkness, my old friend. I came to talk to you again.
Syforce Windlight -- so anything we could do?
Syforce Windlight -- finals finally done
Karasz -- What's on your mind at the moment?
Syforce Windlight -- Finals are almost done for me, so shoot

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Because of the inactivity due to several reasons, I'm afraid I have to close the forum. I don't know how long will it stay like this, but I assume that a forum like this are dying. And I know for a fact that some people are gonna criticized me over my decision to close the forum and believe that I revel the cycle. That's one of the reasons why I lost interest in running this forum.

I can tell you at least one reason the forum is closed. The history with people hanging out with me in the past has been too rocky and unstable. people are starting to lose interest in roleplaying, especially those who have issues with a rage monkey. Yeah, it's actually me who's the real reason. There has been too much drama in the past, and this is the result.

This forum was supposed to be our home, but I can see why inactivity has evicted us all. I guess that's it. No reason to run the forum anymore, even if I tried reviving the damn thing. But where will we go? I do not know.
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